What an adventure its been. While in Spain I had  had the opportunity to travel quite a bit between and one of my most intense weeks I was able to be in three countries and two different continents by the end of the week.  Beginning in Spain I Traveled to Morocco then home for some well needed rest and then finishing the week in a quirky part of the United Kingdom attached to the most southern part of Spain. It was a whirlwind of a week.

It all began in Morocco I was there for the duration of two nights and three days, it was incredible! I would have loved to have stay longer. I just kept saying that it was a, ‘whole new world’ (or singing it, with only a semi-intentional reference to Aladdin).  In comparison to traveling around Europe going to a country where literally everything was different, from the way people dressed, to the way they interacted with each other, to even how they ate their food, was eye opening and incredible. In a really fun way everything from the awe inspiring architecture to even the gigantic flies were beautiful in a weird way (the flies were also gross but you get the point). Morocco was a gleams into a world that we only read about in the news, or hear about on television, or watch in movies. I don’t believe until being in the country one can truly understand how impressive it all is.

I had an amazing time there and I highly recommend anyone who is even thinking about traveling to Morocco, Do It! It will blow your mind and not to mention the food is amazing and cheap. Culturally, there are customs that any person from the occidental world won’t be able to understand entirely.  However, isn’t that the main goal of traveling? Its not just to see some pretty building and eat good food, but also step out of your comfort zone where everything you thought you knew is now wrong. In Morocco you will be able to get just a taste of  culture shock, without being thrown to the wolves of misunderstanding because of cultural differences. In the country the culture is rich and around every single corner there is something new to see or experience. Make sure you bring a camera because you won’t want o forget even a moment of your trip to Morocco.

Less than a week after visiting Morocco I went a city that seemed more like an amusement park than a city, called Gibraltar. This little tiny bit of land on the very edge of Spain that official is apart of the United Kingdom is quite confusing to identify exactly what it is. Its not Spanish, although many of the people that work there are Spanish and its not exactly British either, being so far away from UK. It cannot relate with anything else it is simply Gibraltar. The people speak both Spanish and English and very easily they mix the two creating almost their own language called, Llanito. Its a strange place on its own without even mentioning the famous and mischievous monkeys of the rock of Gibraltar.

My favorite part of the trip was probably both, seeing my very English friend go crazy for some of the very unique British food that she had missed and the monkeys. We ate an English breakfast that had more protein on one plate than I had ever seen in my life. Then we bought Cadbury Chocolate and Crunchies. It was all very British. In addition to all of that my friend said that even the streets resembled her English home. Gibraltar although mixed seemed to hold strongly to their British identity.

A part for being so very British the one thing that sets Gibraltar apart from everything else, is the notoriously famous monkeys. These monkeys are called Barbary macaques, this adorable creature are well-known for not only being adorable but also stealing food, opening up backpacks, and climbing on the visitors. One girl even had her cellphone  thrown against a wall. You can get so up close and personal with them it seems unreal. If you ever do be careful of your belongings. And never EVER attempt to eat anything while on the rock!

From, what they call, the birth place of Africa to the very edge of Europe it has been an amazing adventure it was an amazing week. Every place in the world is different in its own unique way. I will never forget Morocco or Gibraltar and how unique they both are. Sometimes can’t label places or people when there is so much diversity around every corner. However, no matter how unique a place is the people that live there are still people that have daily struggles and daily joys, they are still people. When traveling that is what I saw when talking with the locals in the grocery store in Tanger, or walking through the flee markets in Tétouan, or hanging out with monkeys on the rock of Gibraltar. Every place is unique and every place has something to share with the world. So, travel with that in mind, explore and learn as much as possible. The world has so much to offer.


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